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tv   The Origins of the Quran  CSPAN  March 23, 2019 9:50pm-10:01pm EDT

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fellow who thinks he is going to write a book about me? sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's " q&a." >> our c-span cities tour takes "american history tv" on the road. here is a recent program. imam tawil: the koran is the last testament, if there is such a thing. old testament, new testament, then the koran in that language would be the last testament, the final revelation from god to humanity. mohamed received a message from god. this message is called the koran, which is like a recitation, because mohammed was not reading or writing. so it was dictated to him through the angel gabriel.
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we say that the koran is the final, direct, comprehensive message that god gave to mohammed through the angel gabriel. the muslims, whether they are sunni or shiite or sufis, they use the koran text, and it is the same. you will not find another koran with shia or with sunni, it is in the same. not like our neighbors, who have the catholic bible and the protestant bible. 66 books in this, but 73 in the other. that is why you will find the exact koran all around the world. no other additions, no other thing about the koran. it is unique. the koran came through 23 years. 13 years in the city of mecca
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and 10 years in the city of medina. the 13 years after hijra, after migration, and 10 years after medina. through 23 years, it was portions, it was chapters. small, here and there, and the prophet was dictating them to his companions. they would write them down and they memorized it. the carranza is 1 -- the koran is one single book. the koran is one value. it has 114 chapters. the smallest chapter could be 33 -- three versus. 12-15 words. that is all. it is in the arabic language. it remained like that because it
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was the miraculous book that mohamed can prove his prophet hood. no other translation considered to be koran. any language, english, we have over 30 translations in english. yet none of them is the koran, it is a translation of the meaning of the koran. koran that we- use is centered in the arabic language and we are the universal message, so we don't belong to arabs or to america, we belong to all. in fact, the arabs are a minority in the muslim world. they are only 20% of the muslim population. therefore, anyone who wants to become an imam come at once to -- or become a leader for a muslim group needs to learn
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arabic and he needs to respect the koran accurately the way it was revealed to muhammad. when it comes to spelling names and the koran or the book of god, you will see that under the occupation, there has been a shift of meanings. british and french, they altered the names. they say islam, moslem and this is offensive to us. the correct pronunciation would be islam and muslim. they spelled the koran with a k. that is not the right spelling. it should be with a q, qur'an. that is how we spell it. the message of the koran is there, as a text. but each community comes and they develop some kind of an
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ideology that fit their interests or their hopes. they squeeze the qur'an to fit their agenda. i will say recently, like in the early 1980's, there was an attack on afghanistan from russia. the c.i.a. and other entities came and develop something called isis -- not isis, al qaeda, isis came later. so these people were retrained in pakistan and were given money. scholars from saudi arabia, from other areas tried to squeeze the qur'anic texts and make it
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suitable for them to do a jihad struggle against the nonbeliever, especially russia. yes, there are verses which spoke about fighting, especially during the profits time, whom he had enemies, especially in the arab world. the qur'an tells them, in the -- if they fight, you fight them back. that was over. that has been there and it spoke about history, but the qur'an speaks about humanity, peace, to be humble, to extend your hand in harmony to your neighbors, and so on. but those verses came in historic context for those arabs
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who had been fighting the muslims. and there is a bloody history there. it's like vietnam war when the commander is telling the troops to kill the vietnamese, for example. now, it is over. now, we read that this command was given and here is the letter. it is not anymore applicable today. so therefore, we need to be well aware of the meaning of the qur'an. there is not one verse in the koran that says, you must kill the jews or kill the christians. i have been an imam promised 40 -- for almost 40 years and i have never read a verse in the koran saying that you should kill jews or christians. and if someone can prove me
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wrong, i will debate him or her. the people in the streets, they want islam back, they want islam of justice, islam of love, islam of harmony to come back. and that is basically what the message is. from the qur'an. you can watch this and other programs on the history of communities across the country at this is "american history tv" only on c-span3. >> wants, tv was only three giant networks and a government supported service called pbs. in 1979, a small network with an unusual name had a big idea. let viewers decide what is important to them.
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c-span opened the doors for washington policy for all to see, bringing you unfiltered content from congress and beyond. in the age of power to the people, this was true people power. in the 40 years since, the landscape has changed. broadcasting has given way to narrowcasting. youtube stars are a thing. c-span's big idea is more relevant today than ever. no government money ever supports c-span. on television and online, c-span is your unfiltered view of government, so you can make up your own mind. >> 100 years ago in the spring of 1919, an influenza pandemic was finally coming to an end after killing an estimated 50 million people worldwide, including 600,000 americans. the 1918 flu was the deadliest pandemic in recent history.
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onreel america" this documentary includes 1918 flu survivors telling their stories, a look at the science of the flu in the history of the pandemic and the genetic sequencing of the 1918 strain, based on remnants of the virus extracted from frozen bodies under alaskan permafrost. published in 2010, this is just under an hour. 1918, i lived in sequoyah county. in 1918, my family was living in south philadelphia. >> we were living in el paso, texas. >> i was born and raised in baltimore. >> in bustling cities and remote villages in the united states and around the world, orphan children cry for their parents in 1918.


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